New York State Department of Health

Life Science Market Analysis

To help spur the growth of life sciences industry, the State of New York investigated options of how best to support wet labs, innovation space and early-stage life sciences initiatives. HERA provided an assessment of more than 800,000 SF of public health laboratories spread over four facilities as part of this overall Life Science Market Analysis.

The final goal is to have a new, consolidated Wadsworth public health facility serve as the anchor tenant and focal point in the attraction, retention and growth of this life sciences industry.

HERA provided a visual review of major scientific and analytical equipment, a review of equipment lists, a review of floor plans of laboratory areas and a review of several previously completed reports and publications. The review of current state gave a qualitative overview of existing general physical conditions and illustrated the strengths and opportunities of the organizations.

HERA and Deloitte Consulting evaluated Wadsworth’s potential to promote life sciences industry cluster growth in the Capital Region and identified key opportunities for Wadsworth to build academic and commercial partnerships. The wide-reaching final report includes:

» A future vision for a cohesive strategy across the region to develop the Capital Region into a measurably and sustainably thriving life sciences industry cluster

» An assessment of Wadsworth’s core capabilities and how they align with global trends

» A list of three potential Wadsworth/partner collaborations

» An evaluation of 10 new potential sites

» An economic impact assessment


Albany, New York


910,000 gross square feet


Facilities and equipment assessment


Deloitte Consulting