Innovative thinking

HERA has developed a number of innovative tools for use in our lab planning and design process that increase the return on investment for our clients:

EQ-IPS: Our proprietary iPad-based application exclusively for laboratory equipment planning incorporates on-site inventory and equipment planning to provide comprehensive laboratory solutions. Using EQ-IPS helps owners avoid cost overruns, succeed with current technology, maximize use of lab space and workflow, and minimize schedule delays.

SABER: Our proprietary Space And Budgeting Estimating Resource (SABER) helps our clients develop a sound space and budget projection for early-stage facility planning. Using this tool, our clients are able to anticipate how much funding they will need and what that funding will support in terms of bricks and mortar.

Process mapping and simulation: HERA goes beyond traditional process and flow mapping by simulating the activities that they represent. This enhances our ability to understand material and work flows in labs and predict how small changes in staffing, processes or equipment can affect key parameters such as throughput and turn-around-times. As a result, we can design spaces that are both efficient and well-suited for the users’ needs.

Interactive laboratory model: Our physical three-dimensional kit of parts allows HERA and clients to work together to design their laboratory spaces. The model provides a clearer understanding of the design options, allows for real-time design decisions, makes conveying ideas to others easier, creates a collaborative design process and clarifies technical design concepts such as module spacing, clearance allowances.

We continue to develop tools and innovations as we discover needs in the marketplace. Our goal is to continue to find ways to best serve our clients.