Space and Budgeting Estimating Resource (SABER)

We help clients develop a sound space and budget projection for early-stage facility planning. Our proprietary SABER tool is all about the metrics. These basic metrics significantly affect the budget and are the same for every forensic facility, but it’s the data that makes each individual facility unique.

The innovative SABER tool, combined with our own experts who have years of experience, helps to identify and calculate critical space and budget assumptions based on each project’s unique data. That information is then presented in a clear spreadsheet format as a summary program of need.

This resource can be used by itself or as a companion to a comprehensive Needs Assessment.

Why our clients love SABER

  • Provides construction cost estimates for new or renovated projects
  • Helps determine overall space needs
  • Minimizes making multiple requests to the legislature for funding
  • Targets long-term facility growth potential

(Crime Lab Design) consistently demonstrated their dedication to quality while balancing the perspectives of various client groups, including the forensic science users and associated government oversight agencies. This combined with CLD’s unquestionable expertise as leaders in the forensic facility industry provided us a comprehensive approach. By integrating the engineering, lab planning and equipment planning efforts, we have seen a well-rounded Design Program developed from the initial Needs Assessment.


Former Forensic Services Division Director for the San Francisco Police Department