EQ-IPS: Your equipment solution

While equipment customizes laboratory spaces, it also drives requirements for ventilation, power, and utilities. HERA anticipates and coordinates laboratory equipment details from early in the planning process through construction.

HERA has developed a proprietary iPad–based application exclusively for laboratories. EQ-IPS incorporates on-site inventory and equipment planning to provide comprehensive laboratory solutions. We establish a project database and are able to generate reports for electronic equipment packages which can include photos, catalogue cuts, move management data, comprehensive utility information and budget estimates.

We are equipment planners who have worked in labs. We provide equipment planning solutions for all aspects of the project. From survey to selection, from move management to vendor selection, we program equipment and processes into your facility right from the start.

HERA’s equipment planning services range from inventory of existing equipment that you intend to relocate, to programming, planning, selecting and estimating costs of laboratory and major scientific equipment.

Why our clients love EQ-IPS

  • Helps them avoid cost overruns
  • Allows them to succeed with current technology
  • Maximizes the use of lab space and workflow
  • Minimizes schedule delays

The task before us was daunting: after years in our old facilities, equipment had accumulated, migrated, and in some cases, disintegrated. HERA systematically helped us figure out what we had, what we needed, and where it would all go in the new building. They made an impossible task doable.


Project Shepherd, Eastern Kentucky University