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Lean/process mapping

Process mapping allows HERA to simulate major drivers for clinical labs – specimen volume, turnaround time and specimen flow – and address key planning variables, such as future staffing and equipment quantities.

We go beyond traditional process and flow mapping by simulating the activities that they represent. This enhances our ability to understand material and work flows in labs and predict how small changes in staffing, processes or equipment can affect key parameters such as throughput and turnaround times. As a result, we design spaces that are both efficient and well-suited for the users’ needs.

HERA has successfully used process mapping for clients across the country. At Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX, HERA assessed the number of staff needed to handle receipt and processing of samples given future sample growth at the hospital’s new clinical laboratory. At the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville, VA, HERA used process mapping to evaluate the pre-analytic staffing required for three different lab relocation options.

Why our clients love process mapping:

  • Establishes current needs
  • Anticipates future growth
  • Simplifies specimen flow
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