Springfield Clinic

New Laboratory Clinic

The new freestanding metal building will house a 20,000-gsf clinical laboratory and 6,570 drive through service operation.

The lab spaces will include histology/pathology; micro/molecular; core lab (chem/hem/coag/urin/serology); and specimen drop off and processing. In total, the lab and lab support space will total 11,700 nsf.  

The current lab is overcrowded, and the new facility will create a more efficient lab with fewer employees by incorporating automation equipment and a more streamlined layout.

The open labs will incorporate mobile and moveable casework to create flexible spaces to allow for future changes to the clinic. Designated “flex” space accommodates fast expansion to continued growth and innovation in the future.

The new location also will allow the clinic to expand its unique drive-up function, allowing patients to receive traditional lab services without leaving their vehicle. This function is a significant driver of the overall site design to ensure the four-lane drive through is visible and promotes efficient traffic flow.


Springfield, Illinois


26,570 GSF


Laboratory planning and design through CA and equipment surveying


Farnsworth Group