New York Blood Center Enterprises

Rye Consolidation Facility

The renovated Rye facility will allow New York Blood Center (NYBC) to consolidate three separate labs from around the state into a single location that will house offices, administrative support spaces, warehousing, shipping/receiving, blood components and processing laboratories, as well as multifunction research.

The laboratory and laboratory support space encompasses:

  • Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute (LFKRI) vivarium and research labs
  • Comprehensive cell therapy
  • Accessioning
  • Blood processing component lab
  • Blood processing hospital services
  • QC reference lab
  • Blood testing labs (e.g. histocompatibility, genomics, immunohematology, and flow cytometry)

The research labs allow scientists to create cures for blood-borne diseases as well as improve transfusion medicine and cell therapy products. The testing labs allow for blood separation and processing in preparation for shipment to hospitals and healthcare entities. They also carry out blood tests and chemistry analysis using specialty analytic equipment.

The warehousing provides storage for blood drive supplies and blood products. The warehouse also houses waste collection, freezer storage of blood products, equipment storage, and maintenance and clinical supply storage.

NYBC is one of the preeminent and most comprehensive blood collection and donation centers in the world, focused on blood and stem cell services, and research and product development in hematology, blood banking and transfusion medicine, and cellular therapies.


Rye, New York


187,000 GSF


Programming, lab planning and design, equipment planning, and CD-CA assistance


G3 Architecture