University of Virginia Health System

Clinical Laboratory Feasibility Study

UVA engaged HERA to assist in identifying and evaluating options for Clinical Pathology (CP) laboratory facilities that will allow UVA Medical Laboratories to meet current and future demands for testing, based on volume growth predictions through 2023. Eight general site options were initially considered and evaluated against the key goals and drivers identified.

From these, three diverse approaches were selected for further development and evaluation. All three of the final options under consideration could accommodate future volume and equipment increases, with varying degrees of efficiency in terms of FTEs, capital outlay, and specimen handling.

  • Split lab – partial consolidation over two sites split by critical vs. non-critical turnaround time (critical in/adjacent to the hospital).
  • Consolidated lab – full consolidation of CP labs into one site, contiguous or adjacent to hospital.
  • Off-site lab with stat lab – consolidation of CP labs into one site, outside of main campus, with stat lab in the hospital.

HERA held several workshops with UVA’s clinical lab leaders to further develop the three selected site approaches into full concept options. These concepts included diagrams of:

  • Specimen flow for each UVA clinical lab department
  • Existing conditions of UVA’s medical lab
  • Ideal adjacencies
  • Concept plans

HERA services also included lean process mapping/simulation and equipment budgeting.


Charlottesville, Virginia


50,340 GSF


Laboratory programming, location option analysis, conceptual planning including lean specimen flow and process mapping, equipment options planning