Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Greenhouse Consulting

HERA consulted with Dr. Dean Rochester at the Danforth Center (DDPSC) regarding a new green house and support facilities. Currently, two autoclaves are utilized for the devitalization of biological waste generated from within the research building and the existing greenhouses. Part of the expansion allows for a large steam devitalization sterilizer to be installed for the new greenhouse.

In addition, Growth Chambers (of varying sizes) are being planned, as well as an Heirloom Repository for long-term storage of seeds and Seed Sorting facilities. New Transitional Science Labs will allow scientific applications from the research bench to be accelerated to the market. The flexible space will accommodate several “Transitional” projects at one time.

The DDPSC is a consortium of allied institutions including: Washington University-St. Louis, University of Missouri – Columbia, Purdue University, Illinois University and the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The Center is organized around four focus areas:

  • Developing new materials and products from plants
  • Enriching the nutritional value of plants
  • Adapting plants for environmental stresses
  • Controlling plant pests and pathogens


St. Louis, Missouri


12,000 GSF


Programming, laboratory planning and design, equipment planning