Boehringer Ingelheim

R&D Laboratory

The new facility at Iowa State University Research Park features an open concept designed for collaboration and interaction of up to 100 scientists conducting research in swine, cattle, equine, canine and feline. The first floor is comprised of almost 30,000 square feet of laboratory space and associated lab support spaces.

  • R&D labs: molecular, microscopy, incubation and fermentation and BSL2 labs for mycoplasma and virology
  • Support spaces: autoclave, freezer room, 4C walk-in, gowning, locker areas
  • HMC labs: Elisa, PCR

Large windows in the labs and glass walls in the office areas allow researchers to connect with each other while also bringing in natural lighting. The second floor houses meeting spaces, dining space, a large conference room cantilevered over the building’s lobby and a break room connected to a roof-level patio with green roof. Other support spaces include locker rooms and receiving area with loading dock.

A sophisticated building management system provides optimization of equipment control strategies and links with the owner’s other facilities in the area.

“HERA was a key part of the collective success for the award-winning BIVI project. Design excellence, innovation and collaboration were key drivers for the client. HERA was able to take their technical expertise and team approach and seamlessly integrate the complex lab requirements into a flexible, collaborate, sustainable environment.”

– Mike Roof, Executive Director of Bio-R&D at Boehringer Ingelheim


Ames, Iowa


52,088 GSF


Programming, lab planning and design, equipment planning, CA assistance




AIA St. Louis Merit Award, 2018
AIA Iowa Merit Award, 2017
AIA Central States Excellence Merit Award, 2016


OPN Architects