Confidential Client

Diagnostic Lab Restructure

To optimize, restructure and restack manufacturing, warehouse and office space, the design team reviewed more than 300,000 square feet of space over four buildings on three campuses.

The first phase of the project created a plan to consolidate square footage and restructure or restack space to provide a more efficient business model across fewer locations.

A wide array of lab spaces, including research, development, testing, evaluation and client interface/demonstration were reviewed, evaluated and redesigned for new locations.

The revised lab environments will be modular and flexible to allow for rapid changes in research and to facilitate collaboration. The careful integration of engineering with architectural planning will further allow for adaptability, greater efficiency, more daylighting and increased safety.


Multiple northeast US locations


300,000 GSF overall
50,000 GSF of R&D


Laboratory review and assessment, and lab programming, planning and design