Cellular Therapy Lab Fitout

Wugen outgrew their existing spaces, requiring a new corporate headquarters in the Cortex Innovation Community, a hub for science innovation. The company wanted to create a “wu” first impression for visitors and allow the company to double its local workforce.

The new offices and labs showcase Wugen’s expertise to visitors, prospective investors and future employees with a thoughtfully planned tour route that highlights specific areas and equipment while keeping proprietary information confidential. The tour route allows visitors to see the labs but keep the labs only for researchers.

The project includes labs for research and development, product development, genomics, cryogenic sample storage and support spaces. The labs are highly adaptable, with fixed casework with sinks on the parameter and movable tables and equipment in the center of the spaces. Power, data, vacuum and CO2 are provided via ceiling service panels to allow for maximum flexibility.

The new space enhances the team environment and also includes offices, meeting rooms and an ‘all hands’ space for meetings, meals and social activities. The renovated space feels welcoming, sophisticated and fluid.

Wugen is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing off-the-shelf cellular therapy to cancer patients.


St. Louis, Missouri


18,000 GSF


Laboratory programming, planning, design and documentation with limited equipment planning