Global Vegetable Seed Quality Control Laboratory

Syngenta expanded its 40-acre campus to include a new stand-alone quality control lab, office and greenhouse structure.

Constructed over three phases, the building houses precision testing labs for physiology, seed health and purity/analytical, as well as headhouses for the physiology and seed health labs to help the company preserve seed quality for the global vegetable industry. The building also includes offices, a café and meeting space.

The building is designed to recruit and retain employees, so creating spaces that are bright and open where possible was a priority.

A key function of the facility is the inclusion of a tour route, allowing visitors views inside the labs. The design team worked closely with users to ensure Syngenta created a compelling route, while simultaneously safeguarding proprietary information.

Future phases will include additional offices and greenhouses.


Nampa, Idaho


37,000 gross square feet


Laboratory programming, planning and design


Meet LEED Silver qualifications


Hummel Architects