Confidential Corporate Client

Aluminum Recycling Warehouse

With an eye toward future expansion and safety, this confidential aluminum recycling company renovated three existing laboratories to include adjacent office areas.

The new design meets functional needs while also embedding a design aesthetic that will enable corporate recruitment and retention. Dynamic, modern materials and color splashes define entries to each space and connect lab and office elements. Flexible wall systems provide separation between office and lab, colorful glass writable surfaces encourage brainstorming, and a mix of metal and wood casework components introduce warmth to the previously sterile labs.

Three laboratories – element compound analysis (ECA) lab, mechanical testing lab and bonding prep lab – as well as the associated office spaces and meeting rooms will initially be renovated.

Office space carved from the existing ECA and mechanical testing labs provides needed adjacencies. The new bonding lab will be created from existing, unused lab space and will include elements such as two custom mobile storage carts for bonded aluminum tubes. Each tube storage cart combines resilient materials such as epoxy facing that can withstand impact and corrosion with wood enclosure materials that add warmth and texture to the lab. The combination of materials was carried throughout the renovation of the other labs in smaller mobile storage components and is intended to be replicated throughout the facility as future renovations occur.

Project goals include:

  • Increase safety, visibility and connectivity between the laboratories and office spaces
  • Remain operational throughout construction
  • Maintain as much existing casework as possible
  • Introduce design elements that will enhance retention and recruitment

The labs provide a wide range of testing services including tests for material hardness, tensile, strength & bending, bonding and corrosion.

The project also includes meeting rooms to be shared amongst the laboratory staff.


Atlanta, Georgia


7,370 GSF


Master planning and laboratory planning and design


Fitzgerald Collaborative