Biomedical Research Foundation

Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy

HERA worked with the Biomedical Research Foundation to program, plan and design the new isotope production and research facility. The program included clean manufacturing and distribution, research laboratories, animal holding, clinical areas and office space.

A cyclotron served as the heart of the facility, providing radioactive isotopes for imaging throughout the region and within the facility itself.  Manufacturing was divided into GMP Production and non-GMP Production lines comprised of production, clean dispensing, QC labs and distribution. An imaging center located on site serves human patients and could support isotopes with a short half-life.

Non-GMP production and wet labs support the institute’s research mandate.  The project was abandoned during design development due to funding issues.


Shreveport, Louisiana


60,000 GSF


Programming, lab planning and design


Somdal Architects