Roche Diagnostics

Laboratory Consolidation (Building R)

Roche Diagnostics consolidated five laboratory groups located in various buildings throughout the Indianapolis campus into one space featuring open, flexible and collaborative laboratory design.

Located in a central hub of the warehousing, production, testing and office space complex, the two-story building houses laboratory and testing space on the first floor and flexible office space on the second. The design incorporates the new corporate attention to the “Seven Principles of Roche Architecture” — context, function, form, elements, space, light and color. A light, open and vibrant environment has been created that recognizes the importance of good environmental stewardship to enhance employee success and comfort, as well as the long-term effect on our natural environment.

To help in the programming effort, HERA created room data sheets and test fitted existing equipment layouts to confirm space requirements for the proposed lab layouts.


Indianapolis, Indiana


62,922 GSF


Programming, master planning, laboratory planning


CSO Architects