U.S. Department of Agriculture

National Center for Applied Plant Protection Strategic Master Planning

A collaboration between HERA laboratory planners and the USDA team, this strategic master planning effort prioritizes planning and security needs throughout the more than 100,000-square-foot National Center for Applied Plant Protection.

The planning team determined the rapidly-growing Center for Plant Health Science and Technology (CPHST) needed to be centrally located with other departments developed around CPHST. The prioritized planning helped centralize the laboratories within the CPHST department to provide control and security for staff and specimens coming in and out of the campus.

The design team developed a plan with three phases— current/immediate, short term and long term— which will allow operations to remain ongoing during construction.

Located just miles from Washington, D.C., the USDA labs are used to detect and evaluate the highest risk plant pests, both domestically grown and those brought into the country.

The campus houses the following departments: Center for Plant Health Science and Technology, Plant Germplasm Quarantine Program, National Plant Germplasm Inspection Station, and the National Identification Services.


Beltsville, Maryland


108,641 GSF


Existing facilities assessment, laboratory programming and planning


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