Glenn Research Center Aerospace Communications Facility

The Glenn Research Center Aerospace Communications Facility is devoted to communication research to further NASA’s advanced communication technology for space exploration and aviation as well as commercial and defense communications. The facility is NASA’s premier facility for radio frequency communications technology research and development. It allows NASA and commercial partners to develop faster, high-capacity communications for future missions to the moon and Mars. It also houses research in advanced communication for future urban air mobility (UAM) and autonomous flying vehicles.

The building provides research space for approximately 40 communication laboratories and houses 110 research personnel, consolidating seven current buildings into a single space.

A large part of the research focus is on antenna design, development and testing, including a horizontal near field antenna range, compact antenna range, and optical range. The antenna ranges have exacting requirements for vibration, temperature and humidity control, as well as requiring shielding from radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Alongside these ranges will be electronics laboratories, machine shop, storage spaces, hoteling and conference spaces.

The facility also includes the new Quantum Metrology Laboratory to study the use of quantum physics to transmit and protect information.

HERA led the programming sessions with NASA stakeholders to establish the project program; created adjacency and stacking diagrams; and recommended room dimensions and proportions. HERA designed preliminary laboratory layouts showing general casework layout, location of major fixed equipment and other lab features. We reviewed cost estimates and wrote specifications for the lab and lab equipment portions of the project.

“Just wanted to thank you and your team for all of the hard work on this project. We can be a picky bunch here at NASA but your team did everything possible to meet our needs. The Ross Barney team received excellent reviews from all involved and set the bar for building design here at GRC.”

Ryan Munro, Team Lead, Engineering Management Branch

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