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North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Agricultural Sciences Center

This new laboratory and office building will house the Veterinary, Food and Drug Protection, Structural Pest Control and Pesticides, Motor Fuels, and Standards laboratories. The laboratories and programs to be located in the North Carolina Agricultural Sciences Center provide a wide range of services and tests that play a critical role in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of North Carolina.

The new facility will consolidate four lab buildings that are an average of 40 years old. The new facility, which will house about 200 people, will be designed to accommodate modern and future equipment, optimize workflows and prepare for program growth and future program needs.

The expressed intent is to have all five divisions co-located into one new laboratory building. The NCDA&CS will maximize overall building efficiency and expand capacity for each laboratory by co-locating separate divisions with similar requirements in close proximity to one another.

The site has been evaluated, and the new structure has been preliminarily oriented based on best practices for energy efficiency, site infrastructure requirements, grading, prominence, circulation and adjacency requirements.


Raleigh, North Carolina


201,174 GSF


Lab programming, planning, design review, equipment planning


HH Architecture

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