Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

Science Park Expansion Stage 2

The expansion of Science and Technology Park adds four buildings to the 54-acre waterfront development. Combined, the R&D incubator campus serves as a launchpad to connect to industries and market opportunities worldwide.

HKSTP focus on developing and incubating businesses within five primary clusters in innovation and technology:

  • Biomedical technology – bringing biomedical research from bench to bedside
  • Electronics – driving engineering, rapid prototyping and product development
  • Green technology –developing, testing and commercializing green solutions
  • Information and communication technology – creating cloud computing, big data analytics, IoT and 5G solutions
  • Material and precision engineering – inventing new materials and improving what is already in use for consumer and industrial markets

A modular planning approach creates a flexible environment so spaces can be used in any number of ways: basic research, biochemistry, chemical engineering, robotics, equipment rooms, procedure rooms, environmental rooms, ISO 7 or 8 clean rooms, BSL2 or 3 labs, high bay space and more.

This approach provides flexible lab spaces that can accommodate unknown lease tenants who may occupy one or more multiples of the lab units. It also creates an inherent flexibility to accommodate a range of lease options.

Prior to the expansion, HKSP is home to nearly 900 technology companies and 9,000 R&D practitioners representing 23 countries.


Hong Kong


322,917 GSF


Laboratory programming, planning and design


Ronald Lu & Partners