Washington University School of Medicine

Research Planning Pilot Study

To better understand current utilization, efficiency opportunities and strategic physical needs, the School of Medicine is evaluating two departments.

The final series of reports will include resource assessment, departmental utilization, a 5-year space needs analysis and departmental opportunities and constraints. This pilot will provide departmental study templates, enabling WUSM to complete a full campus review of all research spaces in support of a new research/animal facilities.

The information will allow WUSM to:

» Improve interdepartmental efficiencies

» Identify usable blocks of space

» Determine potential departmental relocations

» Support restacking efforts of the campus’ research spaces

» Better manage grant dollars and space

The pilot also will provide the initial framework to support the campus’ development of a research physical master plan, to be completed in subsequent phases.


St. Louis, Missouri




Analysis of existing space metrics per PI team against grant dollars for new metrics and future space