University of Kentucky

Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Renovation

Scientists and clinicians at the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging are global leaders in improving the health of older adults through research to understand the aging process, age-related brain diseases and programs to promote healthy brain aging.

The center’s 1976, four-story home is also aging. A renovation of the first through third floors will create an ageless building that facilitates research in Alzheimer’s and other related neurodegenerative disorders.

Flexibility will be a central theme for the new research labs, allowing the university to adapt in the future for a variety of research lines. The building also will provide a healthier working environment through improved daylighting, natural views and the ability of individuals to control the lighting, temperate and other variable needs of their areas.

Labs include biomarker core, neuropathology, microscopy, neuroimaging, bioinformatics, data solutions, biostatics and DSA/neuropsychology. The clinical services of the building also require patient records storage, private examination areas and considerations for blood specimen processing.

The untouched fourth floor houses a vivarium, which will be sensitive to construction noise and vibration. The building will be partially occupied throughout construction, which is a key consideration for phasing.

In addition to the interior renovation, an exterior renovation of the original building and 1996 addition will establish a single identity for the building that harmonizes with the campus. The building will have a more prominent main entrance and improved wayfinding.


Lexington, Kentucky


21,000 GSF


Laboratory programming, planning and design


Omni Architects