University of Pennsylvania

Vagelos Laboratory for Energy Science and Technology

The signature building will serve as a locus for pioneering energy research and education and will support the expansion of core research. The modern and cutting-edge facility will serve the Vagelos Institute for Energy Science and Technology (VIEST) and Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER), underscoring their importance to the local and global community. The building has been designed to enhance occupant experience, with formal and informal collaboration spaces, natural day lighting and exterior views.

Vibration and possible electromagnetic interference were mitigated from an adjacent railway line to ensure they would not interfere with the precise research. The labs for this groundbreaking research include:

  • Ground level high performance research labs with tight temperature and low humidity control, as well as structural and acoustic vibration mitigation. Labs were designed to accommodate a wide range of sensitive equipment including optics laser tables and atomic force microscopes as well as possible future equipment such as dilution refrigerator and a 10 tesla open bore magnet.
  • Core labs such as an NMR suite with helium recovery and shared instrumentation labs.
  • Upper-level labs serve fume-hood intense chemistry and engineering research.
  • Some of the research expected to occur includes:
    • Inorganic, materials and physical chemistry
    • Nanoscale science & engineering
    • Chemical and biomolecular engineering
    • Materials science and engineering
    • Electrical and systems engineering
    • Mechanical engineering and applied mechanics
    • Quantum research capable

Adaptability is paramount to the success of the design. Flexible infrastructure allows the building to efficiently adapt to continual changes within the research programs. Strategic planning maximizes functional and efficient layout and accommodates future changes in technology, equipment and methodology.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


110,000 GSF


Laboratory programming, planning and design


Behnisch Architekten