University of Hawaii

Life Science Building

The new state-of-the-art facility houses teaching and research laboratories, laboratory support spaces and office spaces for the biology, microbiology and botany departments from the College of Natural Sciences.

The multidisciplinary building also includes the Pacific Biosciences Research Center, which operates the state’s only transmission electron microscope. The Center focuses on interdisciplinary biological science research focused on marine science, neurobiology, ecology, evolutionary and developmental biology, conservation and sustainability science specific to Hawaii and the Pacific Islands.

Created to inspire learning and create a modern space for students to experience and discover life sciences, the building includes more than a dozen research labs and half dozen teaching labs, including an aquaria lab suite.

The new facility will replace two aging buildings on campus, one of which sat in irreparable condition for a decade after a ceiling collapse.

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Honolulu, Hawaii


70,000 gross square feet


Laboratory programming, planning and design


Targeting LEED Certified