University of Cincinnati

Rieveschl Hall (Chemistry) Renovation

The project involved renovation of existing spaces on two floors of Rieveschl Hall to accommodate the Department of Chemistry’s undergraduate laboratories–introductory chemistry, organic chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemistry research, prep lab/stock room, faculty offices, and a student help room.

HERA provided utilization review and conceptual planning for laboratory spaces and identified schemes for storage and use of allowable amounts by code of chemicals and hazardous materials. HERA’s experience with pedagogical planning and teaching methodology helped the University improve the students’ ability to work in teams and the instructors’ ability to interact with students at the work islands. We also recommended general lab planning guidelines.

The new state-of-the-art freshman chemistry labs now feature multimedia projectors, more workspace for students and an upgraded version of MeasureNet for real-time electronic acquisition of experimental data.

This renovation also involved the replacement and upgrade of the HVAC system, new finishes and casework, added fire protection system, new ceilings and lighting, modified plumbing and electrical systems, and fire proofing as a result of the asbestos abatement performed by the University prior to renovation.


Cincinnati, Ohio


50,000 GSF


Lab consulting


LEED Silver