The University of Chicago

Searle Jones Renovations

To further the University of Chicago’s pursuit of recruiting key researchers, HERA provided design and equipment planning services to relocate Dr. Jiwoong Park to the University of Chicago. HERA accelerated the relocation process by conducting interviews and a detailed survey of Dr. Park’s existing equipment and processes at Cornell University. The investigation of how his team works and how they would like to improve the process in their new space informed and refined the design. The new labs accommodate the flexible set-up and custom equipment configurations that Dr. Park’s nanotechnology research requires.

The fast-track process resulted in the design, construction and relocation of Dr. Park’s labs within 10 months. Specialty labs include Hyperspectral Imaging, Optical Microscopy, Electrical Measurement, Laser Microscopy, Device Prep and Material Synthesis facilities. Gas distribution systems are integrated to support Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD\MOCVD) reactors. The Searle Jones renovation also includes student office space, a conference room, break room and kitchen area.


Chicago, Illinois


4,900 GSF


Programming, laboratory planning, design, equipment planning


MRSA Architects