The Nueva School

Middle School Expansion

As part of a larger three-building project, the middle school expansion will provide a home for deeper, more meaningful learning at the middle school level and will eliminate the need for portable classrooms. The Nueva School seeks to create STEM as a pillar of good education, and new facilities will address the needed improvement.

The new science classrooms are technology rich and provide a home for multi-disciplinary science education. Project and prep space are located adjacent to the classrooms, as is office space, creating an integrated science suite.

Adaptable casework allows the room configuration to easily change to accommodate various pedagogies and group learning. A central demonstration and discussion area further increases flexibility within the science classrooms.

The other buildings within the overall project include an environmental science center and a multipurpose building.


Hillsborough, California


40,000 gross square feet


Laboratory programming, planning and design


Targeting LEED Platinum and Net Zero Energy


Leddy Maytum Stacy