The Hill School

Quadrivium Center

The Hill School is looking to bridge two historic campus structures – The Widener Arts and Crafts Building and the Widener Science Building – with a dynamic new 3-story connector. Hoping to create an inspirational space for students and faculty, the connector will be a showcase space to stir pride and ownership in the school.

The addition will include labs for physics, chemistry, biology and an integrated science lab. The space will also include a greenhouse and a fabrication lab.

While not seeking LEED certification, the new building will showcase forward thinking strategies for sustainability as a teaching tool.

A key ​goal for the project is the focus on group and hands-on learning, and ensuring the architecture supports emerging pedagogies. Important project components include the provision for student space, including lounges and tutoring space.


Pottstown, Pennsylvania


46,780 gross square feet


Laboratory planning and design, construction administration


SMP Architects