Stevens Institute of Technology

Academic Gateway Complex

The Academic Gateway Complex will provide Stevens Institute with the structure for research that is on the forefront of innovation. The organization of the building, the Institutes housed within it and the specific laboratories evolved in parallel, define how colleagues and students share space and ideas. The new complex will provide a key connection to the existing Institute and will house the Center for Healthcare and Innovation, the Center for Smart Energy, and an innovation lab. Each of these laboratories is being developed to accommodate what is and what might be, so the spaces and infrastructure must be flexible and accommodating.

The Center for Smart Energy will provide a place for students and faculty to redefine the future of energy. HERA and the University worked together to envision how the lab space could serve a developing program. The space is reconfigurable and adaptable, providing a work environment and infrastructure for resident faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, for the present and the future. Open labs, which provide an atmosphere of collegiality and collaboration, are the heart of the program, receiving access to light and views. Spaces dedicated to group projects highlight the focus on interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Center for Health Innovation unites more than 50 faculty members from diverse academic disciplines, as well as undergraduate and graduate students from many schools within Stevens, to tackle major issues in medical technology and to pioneer health care approaches. This Biomedical Engineering Center will foster healthcare exploration in areas including synthetic tissue engineering, materials for bone scaffolding, drug delivery and medical device development. Containment, tissue culture, wet, dry and fabrication laboratories will allow for new types of research made possible through interdisciplinary collaboration.


Hoboken, New Jersey


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