Indiana University of Pennsylvania

College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics Planning/Programming Study

The purpose of this study was to determine the proper program, size, location, and identity for the future of science education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. HERA met with faculty and administration to analyze curriculum and student trends, review a previous formal science space utilization study, and gain perspective on how the IUP campus works. Our team also evaluated existing science building conditions.

HERA developed a full program delineating spaces required to accommodate STEM functions. Applying a 35% growth target generated a program in excess of 263,000 square feet, exceeding the university’s budget. Through further discussions with the university we reduced the program to 180,944 square feet, within reach of IUP’s targeted budget. Biology, chemistry, geosciences, and physics are to be relocated to the new facility, including administrative functions, classrooms, teaching labs, research labs, and all associated support spaces. Psychology, computer science, and math departments are to remain in their current locations.

HERA also developed program fit concept options, along with site and building blocking and stacking diagrams. A phased approach to construction would be required in order to build the facility while allowing classes to remain in session during construction.


Indiana, Pennsylvania


180,944 GSF


Existing conditions analysis, programming, laboratory planning