Georgia Institute of Technology

Shared Battery Laboratory Renovation

HERA designed a laboratory for Georgia Tech professors performing research on electrochemical energy storage. The shared space promotes continued collaboration while reducing GT’s need for duplicated and redundant battery manufacturing equipment in individual labs. It provides a safe environment for reactive chemicals such as lithium and sodium. This space enables GT to pursue unique opportunities that are critical for the development of battery systems, including a battery “pouch cell” assembly line.

Research groups within the laboratory focus on:

  • Understanding how materials for energy and electronic devices change and transform during operation, and how these transformations impact properties. The researchers use in situ experimental techniques to probe materials transformations under realistic conditions. The fundamental scientific advances made by the group guide the engineering of materials for breakthrough new devices.
  • Nanomaterials for batteries and supercapacitors and electrochemical energy storage.
  • Electrochemical energy with research focused on mechanics of energy materials, including solid-state batteries, lithium-ion batteries and sodium-ion batteries.

Laboratory equipment includes cell fabrication, electrochemical testers, powder processing tools, glove boxes, gas flow furnaces for materials growth, high temperature furnaces, an atomic layer deposition system, a furnace for growth of single-crystal materials, an electrical measurement station, a chamber for low temperature electrochemical measurements, and a thermal evaporation system.


Atlanta, Georgia


600 GSF


Lab planning and design, equipment planning and construction administration assistance