Eastern Kentucky University

Sciences Building, Phase 2

A continuation of Phase 1 work, HERA undertook a highly interactive programming approach involving the entire science faculty and campus administrators. Through a series of hands-on workshops, we developed test-fits of laboratory concepts in real time to help the faculty envision varied pedagogical methods.

Working with educators across multiple departments, HERA created spaces that are flexible and adaptable to accommodate a variety of teaching models. Nearly everything in the labs are adjustable to allow the room to be reconfigured in a moment’s notice to accommodate lecture, group projects and access to technology.

The Phase 2 wing houses the Department of Biological Sciences including teaching labs for botany, aquatic biology, intro and general biology, anatomy and physiology, zoology, ecology, clinical microbiology, microbiology and research labs for fish and reptile, invertebrates, taxidermy, a herbarium, bioinformatics, genomics, ecology, biomedical, a vivarium and greenhouse. The Department of Geography and Geology also occupy the building, including teaching labs for intro geology, petrology, sedimentology, hydrology, GIS, physical geography and research labs for geochemistry and petrology.

The project also includes the fit-up of approximately 6,575 square feet of vivarium space on the first floor of the Phase 1 building, which houses mice, rodents and wild caught animals (reptiles, birds, small mammals and aquatics).

“The rooms are ideal to use a variety of techniques which promote active learning in the classroom and an inquiry-style approach to instruction. The classroom design has strongly affected my teaching by removing structural barriers, leaving me free to experiment and adopt new, innovative, state-of-the-art pedagogies to improve student learning and enjoyment of physics. In this environment, my teaching is both more creative and more rewarding.”

Dr. Garrett Yoder, Professor of Physics & Astronomy


Richmond, Kentucky


146,700 GSF


Programming, utilization analysis, lab planning and design, equipment planning




Omni Architects