Cuyahoga Community College

Westshore Campus Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Westshore Campus project includes a renovation of the existing building on the campus and a new 85,000 sf building.

The first phase includes renovation of the existing science lab wing to add and renovate labs to house expanded offerings for physics, biology, chemistry, molecular biology and associated support. The second phase will be for a new 2-3 story 85,000 sf academic building, including classroom and laboratory space for Engineering and Technology IT.

In addition, the building will house creative arts spaces and general education classrooms, as well as faculty offices, campus president’s office, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, food service and dining, and more.

Labs in both the renovated and new building must be flexible to accommodate diverse course offerings. HERA provided planning for science spaces, including utilization analysis and growth projections.


Westlake, Ohio


103,000 GSF


Lab planning, master planning, lab design, equipment planning


LEED Silver


Moody Nolan