Chapman University

Rinker Health Science Campus Vivarium Expansion

To ease a shortage in procedure space for their animal research, Chapman University is expanding their current vivarium. The 2,500-sf renovation of existing space will provide three approximately equal-sized procedure suites to be used for imaging, bringing the entire vivarium (mice and rats) to 7,600 sf.

The ground floor was designed to maximize efficiency of space, and allow for flexibility through limited fixed, built-in equipment. Aside from sink stations, all other lab furnishings are moveable or adjustable. The protean lab benches allow for adjustable height from sitting to standing. Each station also is equipped with integral shelves and LED task lighting, as well as mobile bench and base cabinets.

Primary access into the renovated space will be through the existing vivarium. A new exit to the north will serve primarily as an emergency exit and for occasional movement of large equipment in and out of the vivarium.


Irvine, California


7,600 gross square feet


Programming and concept design