Waipahu High School

New Classroom Building

The new three-story high school alleviates a shortage of classroom and laboratory space from the current facility and provides 21st century learning spaces, particularly for evolving disciplines such as the natural sciences.

The first of two phases, the new school includes general science labs for natural resources, biology, chemistry and biotechnology, and specialized fish tank lab and auto grow room.

The fish tank and auto grow room are used for the Natural Resources Production course of study, in which students learn to cultivate terrestrial and aquatics plants and animals. The labs also provide a place to study the systems and growing conditions necessary for a variety of plants and animals to survive and thrive.

The new facility also provides specialized spaces for culinary kitchens, computer and design thinking rooms and a flexible indoor/outdoor dining area, as well as general classrooms, an administrative suite and a fully self-contained special education classroom.

In recent years, WHS set up portable classrooms in order to accommodate existing enrollment. Phase two will remove the dilapidating portable buildings, as well as add 10 general classrooms and a fully self-contained special education classroom.


Waipahu, Hawaii


60,700 gross square feet


Laboratory planning and design


WRNS Studio