University of Scranton

Center for Rehabilitation Education

This new state-of-the-art facility incorporates the latest technology in teaching and research environments to serve undergraduate and graduate programs in the departments of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercise Science. Each of these departments has a number of exclusive and shared clinical teaching and research labs:

Physical Therapy – rehab/neuro, orthopedics, hospital patient (simulation), modalities, and hydro therapy

Occupational Therapy – activity analysis, physical rehab, upper extremity, vision, interview/observation, and lab-assistant technology

Exercise Science/Community Health Education – human motion and ergonomics, strength, body composition, active learning (projects), exercise physiology, extended projects (equipment), environmental chamber and food science

The center—named Edward R. Leahy Jr. Hall—is designed to facilitate research; expand service-learning projects; and put the best simulation environments, applied-science laboratories, equipment, and technology directly in the hands of students and faculty. For example, the facility features an assisted daily living simulated neighborhood with an apartment, garage, grocery store and street, and simulated hospital patient rooms for acute and long-term care.

The rehabilitation center is LEED Silver Certified.


Scranton, Pennsylvania


116,000 GSF


Programming, laboratory planning and design, lab equipment planning


LEED Silver


Hemmler + Camayd Architects