University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Medical Science Building Renovation

The project is a multi-phase comprehensive renovation of a 185,000-square-foot, eight-story research laboratory building. The design team revamped existing laboratories, creating shared equipment and support areas and converting non-laboratory spaces into new, cutting edge research spaces. The project also includes modernizing, repairing and replacing all related infrastructure components, including MEP and laboratory systems, emergency power, safety equipment, fire protection, roof, façade, windows and other related infrastructure systems.

HERA incorporated a recently-completed building assessment and assisted in developing a phased master plan for the modernization of the entire building for state-of-the-art research laboratories. Phase 1 includes the 5th floor laboratory renovations and supporting infrastructure upgrades and repairs throughout the building. The remainder of the building will remain open during the 5th floor renovations.

The project is designed to at least LEED Silver standards, with LEED Gold as an aspirational goal.


Chicago, Illinois


18,100 GSF (5th floor)
185,000 GSF (infrastructure)


Master planning, programming review and validation, laboratory planning and design


Designed to minimum of LEED Silver


Moody Nolan