University of Houston

Health and Biomedical Sciences Center

The new six-story Health and Biomedical Sciences Center houses a clinical, educational and collaborative research program. The Center brings together investigators from different colleges and departments across disciplines ranging from optometry, psychology, neuroscience, natural sciences, mathematics, pharmacy, social sciences and liberal arts.

The Center is home for the College of Optometry’s new Vision Institute. This expansion provides critical laboratory space and animal facilities to boost eye research capabilities. The Institute features 16,000 SF on the 1st floor for an ambulatory surgical center, MRI center, and educational center, as well as 44,000 SF on the 5th and 6th floors for a non-human primate and rodent vivarium.

HERA worked with the architects and the College of Optometry to plan the vivarium comprising animal housing rooms for animal husbandry, surgery and procedure rooms, a BSL-3 suite, testing rooms for animal behavioral research and studies, cage processing support, and office and administrative spaces.


Houston, Texas


167,000 GSF


Animal facility program verification and concept planning, Schematic Design, equipment planning


Bailey Architects and Shepley Bulfinch