Middle Tennessee State University

School of Concrete and Construction Management Building

Designed to be a teaching tool in and of itself, the new building boasts of exposed structural and other building systems to demonstrate systems, materials and construction on display to be used for learning.

The facility consolidates classrooms, research areas, labs, offices and administrative spaces from various locations around campus into a single space. The open-air courtyard and circulation spaces are an extension of the classrooms, helping facilitate group interaction, informal learning and showcase science on display.

Flexible instructional and research labs include:

  • Design, Mixing and Materials Testing Lab for concrete materials and testing.
  • Soil, Powder and Chemical Analysis Lab to test hardened concrete, brick and block, strength testing of various building materials, soil testing, aggregate testing and exposure to testing instruments.
  • Construction Material Research Lab for a variety of research activities including productivity studies, durability studies, material testing consulting, psychrometry testing, new product R&D and technical certification preparation.
  • Controlled Environmental Room for material testing in a space with controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Building Systems Lab for hands-on learning to create mockup sections.
  • Student Projects Lab to support four clubs that perform community and service activities and competition training.
  • Visualization and Virtual Technology to house a VR lab and virtual teaching.


Murfreesboro, Tennessee


54,000 GSF


Programming, planning and design


Orcutt | Winslow