Vagelos sunshades are installed

Construction on the University of Pennsylvania Vagelos Laboratory for Energy Science and Technology is coming along, including a signature piece of the facade. The sunshade “sails” are being installed and this time lapsed video showing the first ones going up is mesmerizing.

The sunshades incorporate two different integrated membranes and glasses to ensure optimal sun protection while still allowing for unobstructed views.

As the lab planners on the project, HERA is not directly involved with the exterior design. However, the exterior design is related to the lab design because the sun protection decreases the heat and glare within the laboratories, which can affect research outcomes. In addition, allowing for unobstructed views enhances occupant experience in the building. This in turn increases researcher retention and helps meet the physical, psychological and behavioral needs of the users.

Facade designer for the project is Knippershelbig. The design architect is Behnisch Architekten.

The 110,000-sf Vagelos Laboratory for Energy Science and Technology is home to energy science research and sustainability at the University of Pennsylvania.