Tucson Police Department

Forensic Laboratory

Tucson’s new ASCLD/LAB-International accredited Forensic Laboratory features controlled substances, forensic biology/DNA, latent prints, trace chemicals, arson, explosives, firearms (including a firing range), toxicology, computer/electronic media forensics, evidence control, quality assurance, and administration. The space is planned for future growth and incorporates enough stations for 133 staff members by the year 2025.

Between the office and laboratory wings is a day-lit atrium with crisscrossing bridges, clerestory windows, and an open monumental stair. The atrium serves as a space for spontaneous collaboration with casual chairs and tables. The entries into the lab and office suites are highlighted by dynamic colorful porticos that include displays of the science activities and on-demand flat screen monitors with video presentations of the lab’s activities.

The laboratory is located adjacent to the existing Westside Police Service Center. Other police facilities are expected to share the site in the future, so a master planning component was necessary to appropriately site the building.

The facility is LEED Gold certified. Sustainable design features include the collection of rainwater from the roofs to supply 100% of irrigation needs, large roof overhangs and light shelves, low-flow plumbing fixtures, walls and roofs with high thermal resistance and optimal radiant energy acceptance or rejection, and spectrally selective films for glazing and skylights. The mechanical system is a sophisticated variable-air-volume system with hydronic reheat and boasts advanced filtration, high efficiency chillers, a high volume of outside air and heat exchangers to recapture energy in exhausted air. Energy usage is further reduced by systems that control the lights via occupancy and daylight.


Tucson, Arizona


62,377 GSF


Needs assessment and master plan, program of requirements, lab planning and equipment planning through CA, MEP engineering through DD and CD peer review




Welman Sperides Mickelberg