Appalachian College of Pharmacy

Forensic and Medical Marijuana Science Center Feasibility Study

The Appalachian College of Pharmacy is considering adding a new building that will both enhance their current educational programs and serve as a revenue source for the College by providing analytical analysis and testing for the public and for law enforcement.

The College aspires to create a facility that will accommodate current needs and be adaptable and flexible to future changes in technology, equipment, methodology and scientific demands.

The Drug Evidence Identification lab allows faculty and students to assist in forensic drug identification for criminal investigation agencies, helping to reduce case backlog.

The DNA Evidence lab provides genetic health analysis to allow for testing services to the public for indicators of chronic illness, paternity testing and ancestry testing services. It also could provide a range of evidentiary tests for law enforcement, including rape kit processing and forensic DNA analysis.

The Marijuana and Homeopathic Analysis lab is designed to provide pharmacology testing of medical marijuana, eatables and naturally produced products from the region. As a third-party analytical testing source for pharmaceutical potency and impurities in natural products, these labs will generate revenue through providing outsourcing services, manufacturing product, packaging of materials, secure storage and compound development all within a single facility.

The labs are all located on the second floor. The first floor will house the building entry, classrooms, faculty & staff offices and building support functions.


Oakwood, Virginia


22,759 gross square feet


Program of Requirements and conceptual design


Thompson & Litton