A fitting wrap-up to a remarkable project

LS3P, our architectural partner on the Renewable Water Resources Laboratory & Environmental Education Center, created a beautiful e-book as a wrap-up to this remarkable project.

The new 17,700-sf laboratory houses a water quality testing program that renews approximately 42 million gallons of wastewater a day. To put that in perspective, that’s equal to 2.4 million showers, 453.6 million cups of coffee or 7 million dishwasher loads. Each day.

A few other important project features highlighted in LS3P’s book:

  • The brownfield site was the previous home of an abandoned wastewater treatment plant containing three massive below-grade concrete tank structures. The design team’s innovative solution was to repurposed those tanks into foundations for the new building.
  • The design of the lab space helps support collaboration and cross-disciplinary interactions through a mix of open labs, specialized labs and shared bench spaces.
  • The overall facility design and the labs in particular emphasize transparency. Circulation paths through the building provides expansive views to see the work happening within.

Read the entire book on LS3P’s website.