Take the “pain” out of research labs

Senior Laboratory Planner/Programmer Michele Pollio, AIA and Laboratory Designer Jinhee Lee, CDT understand sometimes doing scientific research is a pain. Literally.

Today’s laboratory technology and research requires intense hand-eye coordination, precise arm movements, manual materials handling, acute visual concentration and, above all, repetition. Scientists are exposed to a multitude of human factor risks due to the nature of their work and research.

Michele and Jinhee will be presenting “Take the Pain Out: Smart Design to Create Ergonomic Labs” at the 2018 Lab Design Conference in April. This session will explore the process of rethinking traditional lab environments to integrate end users’ ergonomics needs.

The session will provide an engaging discussion of bridging modern laboratory design with the end user. Michele and Jinhee will give examples of improving ergonomics through:
• Workstations designed to accommodate individual needs
• Lab environment and methodologies
• Acoustical issues
• Reducing barriers to productivity