Giving back to students

HERA Lab Planners participated this summer in the Rockwood School District’s Partners in Education Project Interface program, which partners students with business professionals in the students’ area of interest.

Aashna Patra, a senior at Eureka High School, partnered with HERA to learn about design and critical thinking skills within the architectural profession.

HERA designer Jinhee Lee mentored Aashna during her time with the firm, leading her through exercises to research, design, and model an optical communications lab for NASA. Aashna designed four variations of the lab, including one with 130’ x 6’ room dimensions. On her final day, Aashna gave a presentation to the office detailing her design solutions and sharing her experiences in the program.

Aashna will be applying to Washington University and Brown University in the fall, majoring in engineering. Her time with HERA through the Education Project Interface program helped solidify her interest in the field.

You can read more about Rockwood’s Partners in Education Project Interface project here.