Gain an edge on increasingly competitive grant funds

As laboratories open up after COVID-19 closures, one trend we foresee is an increased need for grant funding. That funding may come through the federal government or other capital sources.

Under normal circumstances the competition for these dollars is fierce. In a pandemic society where months of research may have been lost and research institutions are looking at every line item for potential budget cuts, the race for funding will be increasingly intense.

If your institution is considering applying for grants to renovate research space, HERA can provide strategic guidance and feedback to increase your likelihood of success. Our planners lead programming exercises to understand your needs and goals, as well as recognize your equipment requirements. We use that information to create schematic level floorplans, diagrams and narratives that inform a realistic cost estimate and support your overall grant submission.

Our subject matter experts have served on review panels for grant submissions, giving us a unique perspective of do’s and don’ts as you embark on your submission process.

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Considering applying for a research facilities construction grant and need architectural support? We’d be happy to talk more about your specific situation. Please contact Rainey Hufstetler, AIA, LEED AP at or 404-218-1512.