University of North Carolina

Energy Production Infrastructure Center

This new, multidisciplinary research facility was designed to enhance collaboration between students, faculty and energy industry partners providing innovative, interdisciplinary education and applied research opportunities.

Nearly half of the facility is dedicated to flexible/adaptable wet and dry research and teaching laboratories and specialized spaces such as manufacturing, testing, analytical chemistry, trace analysis, DNA, computational, signal processing/communications, shielded rooms, microelectronics research and fabrication, laser, ion processing, environmental and high bay. Together with a variety of lecture, classroom and conference/outreach space, the facility offers access and interaction to advance the novel concepts being developed by the state’s research community from bench-top to commercialized products and companies.

Landing zones encourage a higher level of interaction by providing office, lab and research support to industrial and visiting faculty/graduate students working with the university-based research teams. The landing zones offer a unique level of scientific access and capability while allowing for proprietary work and security.

Energy research includes fossil fuels, nuclear and numerous alternative technologies such as hydrogen and fuel cells, thermophysics/thermodynamics, wind, solar and bio-sources. Infrastructure refers to the engineering structure needed to support power generation and distribution.

Located on the Charlotte Research Institute Campus, EPIC is LEED Gold certified.

The HERA team was outstanding in working with the multiple constituencies that will occupy the facility. The experience for the faculty and researchers as well as the university design team was one that has been excellent. HERA is an outstanding design firm that listens and understands the needs that are required to make a facility function to benefit all users in a cost effective manner.”

Ronald E. Smelser, Ph.D., PE, Associate Dean, College of Engineering


Charlotte, North Carolina


200,000 GSF


Programming, laboratory planning and design, equipment planning




McCracken and Lopez


Creech & Associates