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Scottsdale Police Department

Forensic Laboratory and Evidence Warehouse

The Evidence Warehouse contains all police property storage, forensic crime scene investigation staff, property section administrative spaces, and two vehicle bays. Confiscated narcotics and weapons are contained in the facility in individual separate storage spaces. This facility includes a large freezer and a large walk-in refrigerated space.

Expanded and relocated immediately adjacent to the Evidence Warehouse, the ASCLD/Lab accredited crime lab contains spaces for evidence screening, controlled substance, toxicology, forensic biology/DNA, latent print, ID/AFIS services, trace evidence, firearms/toolmarks, and photography. Future lab and support expansion space is contained within the structure to allow the building to adapt as needs grow and/or change.

The project program also includes District One Patrol Station with lockers, showers, briefing space, staff support space, report writing space, some evidence locker storage and processing areas, several classroom/training spaces, a fitness space, break areas, and administrative offices. Shelled expansion space addresses future mission change and growth. The program is notable for the inclusion of a community meeting space, allowing scheduled community uses.

The project is LEED Silver certified.


Scottsdale, Arizona


90,587 GSF


Program validation, laboratory planning and MEP engineering through CD, equipment planning, LEED consulting


LEED Silver


The Durrant Group

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