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Ohio State University

Nanotech West Lab (Science Village Incubator)

Nanotech West Lab (originally known as the MicroMD Laboratory at Science Village) state-of-the-art facilities include 6,000 square feet of Class 100 clean rooms and a 5,000-square-foot biohybrid laboratory specializing in micro and nanoscale fabrication and material synthesis. The project employs a modular and flexible concept for high-growth, high-technology companies having strong ties to research at OSU.

HERA helped develop a feasibility study to define the program, technical requirements, costs, and construction schedule and phasing that addressed Ohio State University’s intention to locate a BioMEMS (biological microelectro-mechanical systems) laboratory in the new Science Village research park.

Key laboratory design goals included maximizing the potential for expansion between labs and offices, open lab space with shared support functions, natural lighting and views, as well as flexibility to accommodate future change.

The Ohio MicroMD Laboratory is one of the nation’s first technologically integrated facilities for developing micro- and nanotechnology devices for use in medical and biomedical applications. The combination of multiple microfabrication process lines with a complete biochemical wet lab provides capabilities for the research, development, testing, and characterization of new devices.

Nanotech West Lab houses high-bay industrial mini-factories that support fabrication, prototype development, and research. The incubator facility includes research labs— an integrated clean room with full MEMS capability, a polymer processing lab, a cell and tissue culture lab, biochemical laboratories, and associated offices— as well as space for private companies using the research to develop commercial products. All building technology systems are carried in the spine, allowing flexibility for expansion and change.


Columbus, Ohio


20,000 GSF


Feasibility study, programming, laboratory planning


Street Studio/SMMA

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