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Ohio State University

Jennings Hall (Botany & Zoology) Renovation

This renovation provides a more suitable environment for teaching and research laboratories for the College of Biological Sciences. Renovation includes space for entomology, introductory biology and general classroom pool. HERA also programmed space for the Mathematical Biosciences Institute, a nationally recognized institute for furthering the role of mathematics in biosciences.

Twenty-one teaching and research laboratories occupy three floors. Laboratories are organized around horizontal zoning of generic and flexible spaces, with lab benches on the perimeter walls and movable tables/benches in the center. Laboratory support areas are located adjacent to the laboratories followed by a public corridor serving offices and meeting spaces.
Laboratories are planned for flexibility to support pedagogy of students working in groups, future renovations and change. Second floor laboratory support functions and faculty offices are as close to the labs as possible. Providing natural light and views in the teaching labs from the building corridor was a desired goal to create a dynamic interactive and collaborative learning environment.

This renovation preserves architectural features from the building’s history. This building also incorporates environmentally sustainable features and technology including waterless urinals, motion sensitive lighting, radiant heated sidewalks, sound masking and a radio frequency shield.

The project includes a “living lab” courtyard area.


Columbus, Ohio


101,906 GSF


Laboratory programming, planning and design



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